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Shuswap Total Fitness In House Certified Personal Trainers

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$50 – 70 per hour

Our certified personal trainers can help you develop safe and effective workouts with your goals in mind. They are here to help educate, motivate, and inspire you to accomplish these goals.

  • Chad Clark

  • Marcy Moghrabi

  • Alyssa Blair

  • Theresa Hansen

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Over the 6 months I worked with Chad he used humour and encouragement to keep my focused on my goals. His attention to correct form ensured I avoided injuries while progressing in my strength program. I now feel confident following my workout schedules and continue to progress toward my long term goals!

Cheryl Talbot

I am a 68 year old woman with scoliosis and titanium rods and other ‘instrumentation’ in my back. With the permission of my doctor I joined the gym and asked Chad to help me with a program. Chad was very thorough in assessing my body, limited flexibility and range of motion as we worked out 12 exercises that I could do. I can’t say enough about the young man. He has a calm disposition that put me at ease immediately and his knowledge of the body is impressive. I feel so good, more energy, slimmer, more hopeful of my future; he has given me this inspiration.

Gena Gryde

I had the pleasure of working with Chad as my personal trainer for 5.5 months. In that time I achieved the results that I set out to achieve when I began. Right from the beginning Chad displayed professionalism in our sessions together, but he was also very personable which made working together very comfortable and enjoyable. I could tell that he was trying to create sessions that would maximize my workouts, so I could achieve my goals. He listened to me and observed how I was responding to various tasks. I always appreciated that he would adapt his methods of explaining an exercise if I was struggling to get what I was supposed to be getting out of it. He also would help me modify an exercise if it was in any way painful or uncomfortable. He was always very sensitive to that, especially during the weeks when I was dealing with a back injury from work.

Early in our time together, Chad participated in a series of training sessions to improve his skills and knowledge. He then incorporated the techniques he was learning into our sessions together. I appreciated seeing that he was seeking to grow and learn as a trainer – and I didn’t mind being a guinea pig. Chad also took the time to explain why exercises were important without overwhelming me with to much technical jargon. I felt that he was truly trying to help me understand myself and my body, so that I was getting the most out of each session.

Overall, Chad really impressed me with his skills. He challenged me in a positive way and I appreciated the foundations he laid for me as I have since worked with a couple of other trainers.

Erin Sloan