Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes

• Zumba & Use it or Lose it extra fee classes

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Barre – A low impact, high intensity workout using dance lines of movement and elements of pilates, yoga and strength training.

Bootcamp – Interval training class that combines cardio and strength training

Cardio, Core and More: A great mix of cardio movements, core strengthening and body sculpting, with stretching

Class Rotation: Various HIIT and strength classes rotated weekly. Be ready to work your entire body and get sweaty. All levels welcome.

Conditioning Bootcamp: A full body workout with some cardio thrown in, have fun working out with some great music.

Core ‘n Strength: A combination of strength training, sculpting and core work.

Freedom Flow Yoga: Meditation, breath, and dynamic movement with lots of stretching. Yin yoga, excellent for beginners.

Fit Mix : Bootcamp style class with huge variety. Step, bosu, circuit, or just you and a mat. No experience needed, but be prepared to sweat.

Fusion Mix: A workout that combines two or more different disciplines, this mix will challenge your muscles, ramp up your calorie burn and keep you motivated while having fun.

Karate/Kickboxing: Class geared for fun, great fitness and conditioning workout while learning karate techniques and basics of self defense in a safe environment. No experience needed.

Pound: A cardio jam session created by “playing the drums”, guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Great for all levels of fitness.

Pyramids: A very adaptable workout for all fitness levels. Go at your own pace through pyramid drills and HIIT workouts!

Ripped: Focusing on strength, this class is high reps with low weight! You will sweat and it will burn.

Spin: 45 minutes of cardio conditioning on a spin bike. This includes warm up, cool down and a stretch. A workout designed for all levels of fitness with music to keep you motivated.

Spin & Abs: 45 minute class where you are on the bike for an intense 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of abs and a 5 minute stretch!

Spin / Bootcamp: HIIT training on and off the spin bike. A high energy class that will focus on hitting every part of your body. Combination of strength, flexibility and cardio.

Tabata: High intensity interval training and weigh training that consists of 20-30 seconds of exercise followed by 10 second rest.

Yoga Fusion: A fusion of strength and yoga moves to get your calories burning and your muscles stretched and flexed. Soft pace that is great for the mind and body.

Yoga Mix: Release your stress and tight muscles as you flow through poses to help you strengthen, stretch and relax. This is a hatha style class that also incorporates vinyasa sequences. No experience needed. Mats are available. This class has an addition fee.

Zumba: Zumba toning and Zumba all mixed into one action packed class. Shake, dance and rock your way into fitness. This class has an additional fee.

Extra Fee Classes

Zumba-Movements inspired by various styles of Latin America dance. Fun!

Use It Or Lose It  – Two levels to choose from! Senior based program focussing on strength, agility, flexibility and much more!

Karate Basics  – Come out and learn the fundamentals of karate while getting an awesome workout!